Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud to be the first private sector organisation to achieve the new BSI Diversity and Inclusion Standard, which is a clear demonstration of practising what we preach.

Our values, as individuals, and collectively, drive behaviours which make a difference beyond our own organisation.

This is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity to make an important contribution to a more inclusive, respectful and tolerant society. This starts with our ‘every day’, with the decisions we make and advise upon, the assumptions we make and the context we create. Diversity and inclusion is not about being charitable, not about ‘doing our bit’, but valuing people for the value that they bring, attracting a talented workforce and leading by example, challenging barriers where we see them so that they can be removed for the good of all.

These could be seen as laudable words, but they have to translate into tangible actions. We will challenge our thinking around how we do business, about objectives, practices, policies and processes and embrace the creation of a barrier free working environment. We will be aware and critical of ourselves and each other, actively seeking opportunities to hold up a mirror and then take action where we can; both within our business and when dealing with others.

We will be obviously proud about the approach we are taking and take every opportunity to evangelise and stand by our values with suppliers and clients. We will challenge barriers to diversity and inclusion where we see them, we will lead by example and we understand that good people can get this wrong.

We are not driving a culture of grievance, we are proud to be driving and promoting a culture of inclusion, and we will all be the beneficiaries of it.

Anyone who has been assessed for other British Standards will know that a commitment to these values isn’t enough on its own.  Training, developing objectives, practices and processes are needed to ensure a robust and consistent application of valuing diversity and inclusion. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help you with training, or work with you on your own journey to achieve the BSI standard.